Property Management for Indivudual Clients

Property management of individual client portfolios has been the focus of EXPO Property Organisation for over 15 years.

From private investment clients that have a portfolio of properties, to clients that have just started investing in commercial and industrial property.

We provide a high level of service when it comes to managing your properties for you.

Property management Our property management functions include the following:

  • Rental collections from tenants
  • Income and Expenditure Management
  • Lease Preparations and Vetting
  • Property Maintenance
  • Marketing of vacant properties with all other agents specializing in the area
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Insurance Claim Management
  • Monthly / Bi-Monthly VAT returns
  • Providing annual reconciliations for accounting and audit purposes
  • Legal Proceedings against outstanding tenants
  • Liaising with tenants

We strive to provide a more personalized service to you and your tenants.

Please contact us below to discuss the Management of your property portfolio.